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Hi, I am Floor van den Broek, founder of FloFLow

I have worked in the sign industry for years where I have been able to make a lot of graphic work and products where an eye for detail is very important. Since 2012 I have been working at school community De Rooi Pannen where I can teach students the beautiful subject Sign. For years I have been busy making and designing the most beautiful products for others. And now it’s time to make these for myself (and for you).

When I was pregnant in 2016 I had the idea to start making children’s products myself and when I became a mother of the second one again in 2019, it really had to happen. It must be a product that is multifunctional and widely applicable. A must have for every child.

I started with my own patterns for wrapping paper, wallpapers and fabrics and I especially liked the fabrics. you can do endless things with this. I started making a wholeclothe quilt for my children and use them for everything. we take them with us when we go out, can sit on it for a picnic, use it as a play mat, playpen mat, or just to cuddle.

Because the Quilt is so versatile, it is an item that is indispensable in every family.

If you have any questions or if you want a custom order, please contact us.

Floor van den Broek

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